Infinite Reflection (2017)

Explores what it means to reflect- the return of light waves from a surface, an effect produced by an influence, the production of an image as if by an infinity of mirrors.


Wordless Chorus (2017)

A light, humorous movement conversation between two unique personalities.


In Your Light (2016)

Choreography: Cecly Placenti
Ludovico Einaudi; XPURM; The Album Leaf; Alexandra Streliski
Voiceover: Dawn Jenkin

In your Light is inspired by and based on the poetry of Rumi. Through the creation of a movement alphabet which we then assigned to the letters and phrases of the poems, the dancers express both the written word and the emotions behind those words, in physical form.


Actions Leave Traces (2014)

Choreography: Cecly Placenti in collaboration with the dancers
Enigma; Craig Armstrong

Actions Leave Traces is about the mental constraints and obsessive trappings of an addictive relationship. Actions journeys through compulsion, being stuck in a repetitive thought or action pattern, a climax of that obsession, and a resolution, leaving the audience to decide whether or not that obsessive pattern is truly complete.


Innuendo (2014)

Choreography: Yung Yung Tsuai Lerner

Innuendo, choreographed by Yung Yung Tsuai Lerner, formerly of the Martha Graham Dance Company, uses classic modern movement and emotive gesture to depict the dark grip of addiction.


Water Rocks: Studies 3 and 7 (2013)

Choreography: Cecly Placenti in collaboration with the dancers
David Homan Piece
Piece Length:
7 Minutes

Water Rocks: Studies 3 and 7 is a 'study' in motion of two pieces by composer David Homan. Working in the opposite way we did in Michael in Motion (2011), each dancer responded to the music in drawing, which we then interpreted into movement.


They Dance Alone (2012)

Choreography: Cecly Placenti in collaboration with the dancers
Sting Piece
Piece Length:
9 Minutes

They Dance Alone is inspired by the silent protest of Chilean women during Pinochet's regime. These women, having lost husbands, children, brothers and friends, and fearing for their own safety, protested genocide in their country by dancing the Cueca, the national dance of Chile, outside government buildings with photos of their loved ones pinned inside their clothing.


Michael In Motion (2011)

Choreography: Cecly Placenti in collaboration with the dancers
Jeffrey Izzo, Vitamin String Quartet, Laurie Anderson
Art Work: Michael Placenti

"Michael In Motion is a conversation between artists, between artistic mediums and cultures. Honoring the personal, individual response to any work of art, MIM takes the reactions of 6 dancers to 10 paintings of Mr. Placenti, and crafts these kinetic responses into a new piece of art symbiotically related to the original paintings."


Ebb and Flow (2006)

Choreography: Cecly Placenti
Original Music: Chris Willets
Costumes: Rosalind Gene Collections
Piece Length: 11 Minutes

"Ebb and Flow" is inspired by the idea of a wave, how it pushes forward and pulls backward, leaving some water in its wake. The second section demonstrates the forces and physical power of nature- how water can be calm and soothing but also destructive. This idea is explored thru fluid and aggressive movements.

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